Future of Research – Research of the future

How will we research tomorrow? What are the challenges for science in the globalised, digitised and conflict-laden world of the 21st century? How will research change? Will the boundaries of today’s  disciplines shift and create new subjects? Which methods will be available to us – and which ones will disappear? What role will science play in society, what contribution will the results make? Will anyone  pay attention to these results, trust in them, or instead assume they are the result of lies and corruption? How can we communicate and legitimise research in the future? Who will use it: only the rich – or all  human beings? What are ethical issues?

Even after 275 years of research at FAU, it is impossible to look 275 years ahead into the future. Experts and future-gazers all share this opinion. But 100 years from now …? We will at least make an attempt!