Andrea Kuhn, Nuremberg

Andrea Kuhn
Andrea Kuhn


January 18, 11.00: Values in a Globalized World


Human Rights Films: Between Impact and Integrity

About Andrea Kuhn

Andrea Kuhn (*1971) started her career as an academic and researcher in the Theater and Media Studies department and the American Studies department at FAU and is an alumna of the DFG research training group “Cultural Hermeneutics: Reflections on Difference and Transdifference” at Erlangen University.
In 2007 she accepted the call to become the full-time director of the Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival where she has worked since. Kuhn served as the chair of the Human Rights Film Network on 2008 and 2009, an international association currently consisting of 42 human rights film festivals from around the world. She is an associate member of ANHAR: The Network for Arab Human Rights Films and serves on the board of Dox Box e.V., an association that emerged out of the DOX BOX International Film Festival in Syria and has transformed into a non-traditional support organization focusing on the strengthening and empowerment of documentary filmmakers in the Arab World while promoting the values and principles of justice, dignity, and human rights. She is currently the chair of the Association of Bavarian Film Festivals, a member of the European Film Academy and a founding member and speaker of the section “Festivalarbeit” at ver.di (Germany’s United Services Trade Union) which aims to improve working conditions for freelancers and employees at film festivals.
Andrea Kuhn is also on the board of Stiftung medico international, an aid and human rights organization which focuses on health as a human right and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999 for their International Campaign to Ban Landmines.