Prof. Dr. Peter Gmeiner, Erlangen

Prof. Dr. Peter Gmeiner
Prof. Dr. Peter Gmeiner


January 18, 9.30: Keynote


Biological targets and drugs of the future: Molecular physiology meets chemistry

Approximately 35 % of the drugs on the market act via binding to G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs). These biological targets are associated with an exceptional progress in the field of drug research and offer molecular strategies for the discovery of innovative therapeutic principles. The biological effects of both GPCR agonists (compounds that activate the receptor) and GPCR antagonists (compounds that inhibit the activation of the receptor) are based on their selectivity profiles. Those profiles determine the clinical effects and side effects. In collaboration with Prof. Brian Kobilka, Prof. Brian Shoichet and Prof. Roger Sunahara, we design, synthesize and pharmacologically investigate novel probes and drug candidates for GPCRs. This talk will provide insights into our very recent developments.

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