Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Peukert, Erlangen

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Peukert, Erlangen
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Peukert, Erlangen


January 19, 13.30: What tomorrow’s world is made of


Material design by process innovation

Advanced materials with properties tailored on the molecular and mesoscales are expected to stimulate evolutionary advances and revolutionary breakthroughs in key-technology areas. The creation of tailor-made products made from molecular and particulate building blocks is one of the grand challenges in the manufacturing of new materials. Small particles as building blocks are controlled by surface and interparticle forces. Therefore, the microscopic control of the interfaces is a key requirement for macroscopic product design and formulation of advanced materials. We present a multi-scale view from the molecular level at interfaces towards macroscopic effects and applications. A highly relevant question is how product quality evolves along the process. Results from the Erlangen Cluster of Excellence “Engineering of Advanced Materials” show that the joint venture of chemical engineering with materials science in concert with the basic sciences opens new prospects for all involved disciplines. Mathematical optimization is the key for the rigorous design of products, structures, and processes and will catalyze true design of particulate products and new materials.

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