Henriette Löwisch, Munich

Henriette Loewisch (Image: Shane McMillan)
Henriette Loewisch (Image: Shane McMillan)


January 19, 11.00: Science Journalism and Communication


Communicating Science under Trump: how researchers and journalists in the US are reacting to populism and media crisis

At least since the presidency of Donald Trump if not before, both scientists and journalists in the US now faced a loss of public confidence. This is best illustrated by the example of climate research. Meanwhile, an economic crisis within the quality media is forcing scientific institutions to rethink their role in public discourse. Löwisch, who until recently headed the Master’s program in Environmental and Resource Journalism in the US State of Montana, provides an overview of trends in science communication in the US and highlights what researchers and journalists in Germany can learn from this.

About Henriette Löwisch, Director of Deutsche Journalistenschule, Munich

Prior to taking up the reins of Germany’s premier journalism school, she served on the faculty of the University of Montana’s School of Journalism, where she directed the Master’s program in Environmental Science and Natural Resource Journalism. Löwisch started out in journalism as a reporter for her hometown paper. She later worked across continents and media, reporting from Berlin, Brussels and Washington and serving as editor-in-chief of the German Service of Agence France-Presse. She also authored the German edition of Journalism for Dummies. Löwisch is a graduate of DJS and earned her master’s degree in journalism at Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, Germany.