Prof. Dr. Ralf Linker, Erlangen

Prof. Ralf Linker
Prof. Ralf Linker


January 19, 9.15: Keynote


Prof. Dr. Andreas Diefenbach, Berlin: How the microbiota controls the setpoint of the innate immune system

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Krönke, Erlangen: Mechanisms and therapy of chronic inflammatory diseases
Prof. Dr. Christian Bogdan
, Erlangen: Reactivation of chronic infections following immunosuppression
Prof. Dr. Ralf Linker
, Erlangen: Pathogenesis and therapy of multiple sclerosis

About Prof. Dr. Ralf Linker

Deputy Clinic Director of the Neurological Clinic, Endowed Professorship for Neuroimmunology

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Program change: Please note that, due to illness, Prof. Dr. Harald zur Hausen will not be able to give his keynote speech.