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Topics and CVs of our external speakers

January 19, 15.30: The Future of Work
The Future of Work: An Economist's Perspective

The breathtaking pace of technological change at the workplace and in the world of labor is undeniable and is unlikely to relent in the coming decades. Despite the negative image that these changes ...

His current research interests include formal social epistemology (especially models of deliberation, norm emergence, and pluralistic ignorance), the philosophy and psychology of reasoning, intertheoretic relations, and (imprecise) probabilities in quantum mechanics.

January 19, 15.30: Light matters
Laser cooled atoms on Earth and in Space

We will describe how recent progress in lasers and optics has enabled the development of ultra-stable atomic clocks and sensors. Clocks with laser cooled and trapped atoms display today an error that does not ...

Sustainable Energy: Systems and Science. The world of tomorrow should be supplied with stable and affordable energy without endangering the living conditions on our planet.

CTLA4 and the future of immunotherapy - The immune system provides vital protection from infection and cancer but needs to be tightly regulated to prevent the development of autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.